Saturday, 27 March 2010

In Leongatha, off to Tasmania!!

Well, we survived the first term here in 'Gatha' as the locals call it.
It is a pretty good place, and the school is fine.

We have a HUGE house, as you know already. We are getting used to having to walk a 1/4 km to get to the bathroom. We have a new lounge setting, a new TV, beds and BBQ, but the gas bottles are all on the caravan or in Tas, so we will light it up later on.

We are off to Tas tomorrow to pack the remainder of our gear, which I am dreading.

We fly tomorrow, and will be at Michelle and Travis' for a few days, then to Hobart and back, then return to Gatha.

We will have our mobiles on us, so give us a call if you want to see where we are.
Jude is 0408 569 753
Len 0418 585 660

We have the phone on, and it is STILL (amazing) 03 5662 5687
We also have the net on at home now as well.

Travis is to have a pretty serious operation on Wednesday, please pray for him.

Better get some beauty sleep.
Bless ya all,

Friday, 12 March 2010

The phones, the phones

Hi all,
We thought we would get away from Telstra. That was the plan anyway.
As it turns out, they have the plan we needed, so we went with them again.
Simple, right?, actually.

We WERE supposed to have the phone on today, but the first bloke didn't put the order through correctly.
He also gave us a phone number which we memorized and began to tell appropriate places about it.
When the phone was not on as stipulated Len called Telstra, and another bloke said 'sorry' Blah, blah, blah

We then have a new number (the other one went due to the different time the order was actually placed).
Internet will be in a week or so, phone on Wednesday (we'll see!).

So, here are our details,
Home address is

30 Lee Parade, Leongatha, 3953.

Postal address is P.O. Box 93, Leongatha, 3953

Phone number is (hopefully!!) 03 5662 5687

The doors are open, feel free to visit.

The Clarks.