Monday, 28 June 2010

Some ups, some downs, some colds

Well, today the wind blows from a direction that must include a snowy landscape.
So far we have not experienced the icy winds of Burnie this winter, except for today. Still, it is not as cold, but unwelcome anyway.

The news...
For some time we have had our caravan up at Warragul where a bloke has been messing about, but finally we got it back on Friday, a lock was replaced, a window and a light cover that was smashed transporting it to him. It cost a bit, and when we got home the glass is cracked already. :-(
The bloke messed us around so much that we will not try to take it back, so it is here at last.
There has been some smoke from the Prado for a time, we thought it was injectors, but it has a cracked head, and injector issues. So the bill will be somewhere around $2500.

We have also been looking at homes here, as we pay a considerable rent anyway, so we may as well make it count.
We will sign for one tomorrow. That is the one in this post.
The internet address for the place, so you can have a look is;

It is a flat block and a large house.
There are a few things that need repairing, but we can do them ourselves.

We will consider what to do with the Burnie house, at the moment, it stays.

Judith has been very unwell. Jessie also, but less.
Sam and Len are robust!

Sam kicked another goal on Saturday, so that made his day (goals are VERY rare in his team!).
Jessie is in art classes, and attending a holiday club, the Scripture Union 'Shipshapes' programme.

So that is the news.
Blessings to all.

Don't forget to stay in touch...PLEASE!