Thursday, 8 August 2013

Next Chapter... Dear friends (if anyone still looks at this!) We came to Leongatha nearly four years ago. What a journey to get here it was. We have had four great years in many respects. Sam was able to go to CEDA for schooling. HE will finish there, almost, this year and wants to go to Melbourne for the final Year 13. So, we expect him to be gone from home next year. He wants to share with some friends, and his girlfriend. The latter part of that is not comfortable with us and could prove problematic for him in the future. But... he knows best of course. She is a lovely girl though, don't get me wrong. Jessie will be in Year 8 next year. She has a very restricted circle of fiend here at 'Gatha. It was Judith and my thinking that it would be good to get Jessie into a large church and school community soon, before the BIG years at school start in earnest. That's how we were thinking. LAst week I was told I don't have a job next year and Judith was offered only 1 1/2 days a week. It was a kick in the guts, to feel unvalued. I am not sure what else I could have done to be worth keeping, but obviously it was not enough. Consequently, we are now looking to where the next 'adventure', as Jude calls it, will be. We are leaning towards moving to the Peninsula area. Perhaps Somerville, Langwarrin or Narre Warren South. I have applied for several jobs already and am getting my resume done professionally. That means a move again, a new home loan, sad. We will never own a home now :-( unless something changes, which it could I guess. So, disturbing times. An adventure ahead no doubt. Who knows what we will be up to in the near future.