Saturday, 29 May 2010

Football makes us wiser

So, Sam is a Footy Player now.
Each Thursday night we travel to Tarwin Lower (25 mins south, in another country almost!), fly capital of Australia in the Summer. Also the place where Sam and Len take SPECIAL care to look for cars with no lights on at night (It still haunts them a little).

Two weeks ago Sam had to play at Yarram, which is another hour towards New Zealand (or, if you are a Kiwi speaker 'New Zilland, Bro'). This week was Philip Island.
The good thing about driving an hour in every direction from Gatha, is that you get to see the countryside a bit.
The Yarram drive was beautiful. There were lots of cows (as usual) but a nice mountain lookout and very pretty countryside. Philip Island is beautiful, and we will take some of you there if you visit and time permits etc. There is a seal population just off shore by 1.5km that is 20 000 strong, and you can see them with binoculars, well, they don't have binoculars, you need to have binoculars in order to see the seals, get it?
(Just in case you were confused)
So, footy has taken us out and about the place, the only good thing about footy.

School is VERY busy, there are exams and reports coming up, so the holidays will come very soon.

The family have had mild cold things, but all ok otherwise.

Travis has had the bone samples taken (YUCK, poor Trav) and this week we find out the extent of the treatment required. We continue to pray for him and the family.
Georgie is nearly 2 years old, and Skype has let us see her and blow kisses, Michelle is still working most days and being a great mum.
Anthony has sold his flat and will move to Devonport next month, that should be good for him we think.

Our caravan is STILL (STILL!!!!!) at the 'repair' place, three months and no action. On Monday we will call the insurance company and, depending on the conversation we have with them, we may take it away to somewhere else. I don't think we will have it in time for the holidays, sadly.

Anyhoo.... that is the news that is the news.
Will post some pics soon. Comments welcome.