Friday, 30 April 2010

My goodness, what a few eeeks...

Hi all.\
We have returned to 'Gatha' after the trip to Tas.
We loved catching up with all there.
We were there for Travis' operation to remove some lumps in the throat.
Sam and Len decided to visit Michelle and Trav asap, and it was just after Trav returned from the op. and was still messy and half asleep when we arrived. Apart from the blood on Trav and his pillow, the scar and stitches, the heat of the hospital and that Sam had not drunk much for the whole day, it was topped off by an old bloke across in the next bed that was blind and had one eye that was completely whit(ish). Sam managed that...just. But then a nurse came in, dipped two fingers into some cream stuff and proceeded to rub it INTO THE EYE, as in 'INTO the flamin' thing'!Sam then managed to get a bit overcome by it all, and fainted. Much to our surprise and consternation. His blood pressure was so low for a minute that the blood pressure cuff could not read it at all!

Unfortunately the test on Trav showed it was cancerous and has spread.
It is apparently the 'best' kind to have if you are to have any form of the dreadful thing, but we are obviously concerned a great deal and ask that those who pray, pray for Trav please.
It is a great shock and strain on all, especially Michelle.

I have witnessed worse things being healed by God, so that's what we are asking for.

It is colder here now, as elsewhere in Southern OZ.

Last night Sam and Len went to Tarwin Lower (20 mins east of Gatha) for Sam's footy training, on the return trip we missed our usual turn and ended up on another road to home.
Sam and Len were discussing how bright the moon was, and how Cat Stevens wrote the song 'Moon Shadow' after leaving London for the first time and seeing a shadow cast by the moon. London was sopolluted (still is0 that he did not know the moon could shine so much.

They came to a T section and turned right. At this time Jude and Jess were actually praying for a safe trip home for the boys.

On turning right, Len stayed in the right hand lane more than usual and then felt teh urge to swing to the right quickly.
As he did, a car flashed past from behind.
It had been speeding without the lights on, enjoying a Moonlight Shadow night as a prank.
It missed the car by a foot for the length of the car.
If Len had turned as per usual, or not swerved they would have been T-boned and Sam certainly would have been killed, and perhaps Len as well.

It is the closest to death they have been.

The car turned their light on and went off.
It was quite upsetting, but we are all thankful for the prompting of the Holy Spirit, obviously there is work for the boys down here to do yet.

That is the news as it stands for now.
Hope you all are enjoying yourselves,
Blessings to all.