Friday, 20 March 2009

My... how times have changed.

Re-reading the last post is funny.

Enough money to keep things rolling blah, blah.

Well.... I wa wrong.

We were sacked yesterday, with 6 weeks notice.

So were another teacher and some support staff.

Jude is devastated as she in particular has been able to get through to the girls and started one-on-one chats with them about how to handle situations they face etc. Her class has some great breakthroughs as well.

So, we will be here for two more weeks and hope to pack up by then, and then we have two more weeks in Darwin. After that, they don't expect us back for the PD weeks so we are totally unsure what to do or where to go.

We have to be in Darwin in June as we have prepaid tickets for a trip to Vietnam, or we lose the money, yet we have nowhere to stay and very little money.

I guess we were after adventure!

At the moment, and this could change before I even finish typing, we are contemplating trying to get a term's work in Darwin and save if we can, go to Vietnam and then travel around W.A. until Christmas.

We can't go home, our house in under contract until Jan next year, and we have to find somewhere for our gear, as the house is full etc.

So, we need;
1. Prayer, not to get bitter, and to find a way through this path.
2. A job or someone who has millions to give it to us and save all that work thing!
3. A good sale for our vehicles so we can get a caravan and a landcruiser if we travel.
4. Lots of encouragement, it is a dark few days, even though the sun is out :-)

and finally,
lots of bloody Grace!!

You can email us at, as comments still won't work I think...grrrr.

Love ya all,

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