Saturday, 18 April 2009

Going fast...slowly

Tomorrow we head to Howard Springs area to look at a church there, then a BBQ or Pizza lunch with the Smiths, our long time friends here.
Sam and Jessie are enrolled at Palmerstone Christian School now and have their uniforms ready for Monday, and Sam played his first game of cricket in the A grade under 15 team for Palmerstone Cricket Club. He bowled two overs, for one wicket and three runs. A great effort, he hasn't sprigged shoes yet and they play on a great turf pitch, so he had to bowl spin, with one fast ball, as he slips too much if he runs in.

I have had someone look at the Hilux, which looked great at Picker but very dirty here, so I spent 3 days cleaning it up and nearly went too far yesterday and felt pretty spent an a bit ill because of it all.

I now need to wait for the confirmation call from Marrarah to see if I actually show up on Monday for work.

Will get back to you.

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