Wednesday, 13 January 2010


So, we made it.

Leongatha is actually better than Len remembered it to be.
There are a few more shops, and very friendly people.

What there is not, however, is accommodation.
The new desalination plant is to be built near here (somewhere) and homes are nearly all full up.
We inspect two tomorrow. Here's hoping!

A certain Mr. Flower esq. wanted us to be over the magic 10 000km mark by the time we got here from Darwin.

The stats are (NOT counting from Melbourne to Leongatha).

1904.88 litres of diesel (I am so sorry, Planet Earth!)
$2585.00 fuel cost
Average of 19.22 liters per 100km (that is soooo bad, but a very heavy pulling load)
9856km to Melbourne in total.

If we add on the KM from where we were in Melbourne when we last filled to now, we add another 145.1 kms

WE GET.......


Hooray, I hear Mr. Flower esq. exclaim.

Hooray, we exclaim.

The rest probably say nothing much at all and go and make a nice hot cup of tea.

Now, we have been busy, and we have already secured a post box, so you can post donations to the 'Pay for the diesel' fund.

This is the new address for us all.

L. J. S. J. Clark (Whomever it may be you want to post to)
P.O. Box 93
Leongatha 3953
Victoria, Australia

Now, get writing!

Until next time (or you visit us here)


The Sakaris' said...

Exciting stuff!...and I'm sure a big ahhhh or phew or something like that? Praying for a lovely 'home' to be released for your season in Leongatha. Talk soon!

The Clark Family - 2009 said...

We have looked at a few, not much to choose from.
A very dodgy place in Korumburra (15 mins away) for $220 a week, a middling place in Leongatha for $190 a week, and what was the mansion at Leongatha, for $330 a week.
We all love the bigger place, it has 4 bedrooms, 3 en-suites and another bathroom!! Rumpus, fab vews and a great deck area.
We may treat ourselves to that, making a decision tomorrow we think.
went to Traralgon (50 mins) tonight to see the French Family, Len has a Vic licence and the xtrail is vic registered today! Been busy.
Bless ya