Sunday, 1 May 2011

Open Blog

Hi all. Len here.
Well, it has been some time since I used this blog. I just thought that I had little to say of interest to anyone.


I am getting an urge to write again. I will see how that works out.

I am thinking that there are many pieces of poetic writing inside me that want expression, much about church life (people church, as opposed to Building 'Church') that we as a family are exploring and this means we must take some radical steps to be more true to our beliefs and the Word.
It will be a journey, but one I invite you to share, and to consider, as well.

The boring home news.
We have settled well into Leongatha. It is a very pretty place and friendly.
I miss my life long friends, but Burnie is gone for us.
We settled (finalised the sale of) our Burnie home last month and have sold our cars, buying a newer XTrail, that will hopefully take us through for many years yet.
We have just put on Solar hot water, in a bid to do at least something for the environment, which many speakers whe have listened to who have challenged all Christians of late to take seriously and lead the way, instead of following behind as we seem to do so easily.
(Go on, put on a jumper, turn off the light! Assist God's creation that He trusted us with)

All are well here.
We have just left the 'Church' (denomination) that we were attending and are possibly going to go to the AOG instead.

What I want to do is to start a Home Cell Network, as Church buildings etc are a pretty Pagan thing to be having (read 'Pagan Christianity) and were not considered part of genuine Christianity for the first 300 years, then Constantine built one to 'legitimize' Christianity up to the same status of other, pagan religions. He was also a Sun Worshiper. The lovely St. Peter's Cathedral, which we have seen in the news of late, has Jesus in an artwork depicted as Jesus-The Sun God! (Does that make you think?) This was common, and the beliefs were absorbed by the institutionalized 'church', and still are, but now they are 'our traditions'.

Anyway. I expect some may find this to be a bit controversial, although history and facts are just that.
This is why I have opened the blog to 'anyone' instead of being locked away as before. The constraints of Tiwi are not on me any longer and we may speak the truth, as opposed by the leaders of the school when were were up there.

Please feel free to comment and contribute. Enjoy the journey, seek the truth. I am reliably informed that it will 'set you free'.



nickflight said...

yay, this means it will now be readable in my rss again!!

I'm looking forward to some interesting discussions.

Rebecca said...

I loved your Tiwi blog. Then one day I went there to read it, and I'd been locked out. I knew it still existed, but only for certain people to see. This made me sad. I'd always considered you guys friends, and hoped we'd stay in touch. Being locked out of your blog made it pretty obvious that the feeling was not mutual. It hurt.

I know you moderate your comments, so you don't have to publish this. I just wanted you to know, I guess.


Anonymous said...

Would you have a snail mail address you could send to My husband and I are on the same track and I have a couple of magazines I could send you might enjoy. They are called Oikos and have a web site. Blessings Marie