Saturday, 1 June 2013


Well, it does insert the pics after you publish the post. Good. Used to show it before publishing though. A bit annoying. The pic in the last post of the fire is using a feature of the new camera. On 'Nightshot' setting it take four pics quickly and mashes them together to form one pic. So that is a pic taken hand-held, no flash. I used to do that with film cameras, but it needed a tripod and someone to sit still for three or four minutes. How great is that. I have scanned many of our old pics now as well as all my slides. Ahhh. I used to have a red beard and hair on top. When I showed my photography students the old one of me on Little Horn, Cradle Mountain on one leg, they berated me for being so reckless!! (They pointed out that I tell them to be careful all the time). Cheers

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