Saturday, 31 October 2009

THE MISTS OF GOD - next step

Hi all.
We are counting down in earnest now. Only 6 weeks to go.

To update you all....

This Thursday night Len flies down to Leongatha to have a look at the school there, where there is a job comprising music, woodwork and sundry tasks. Leongatha is 2 hours SE of Melbourne in the Gippsland area. It is small-ish school that wants to grow and seems like a good place to be.

There is also a position in Kingston, below Hobart.
This one closes next Friday and we have asked them if we might get some idea if Len is in the running or not, as Leongatha need an answer as soon as we are able to.

Apart from that, there are no other jobs in the pipeline at this stage. this means that we are not really able to pack successfully, as we don't now where to send the car and a car full of gear (which we are down to now).

On the living front, we are still squatting at Driver Avenue. We were just told that some builders will arrive in the next two weeks to start cutting concrete etc. Someone will live on site in a caravan, and will need to use the toilets etc. This might be too much for us and we will move out earlier than anticipated and return to our 'home', the Free Spirit Resort and live in the caravan for the last few weeks.

Both our jobs up here are fantastic and we both will miss them. Len is having an excellent time at Marrara and the end of the year will be quite painful actually. Comments from staff are so amazingly encouraging that it is making it even more difficult to leave that it was earlier in the year.
Jude loves Litchfield Christian School and this too will be difficult to leave.

A simple (for us) solution is for immediate family move up here!

We have Terry and Cheryl Young visiting, they are here for two weeks and leave on Wednesday. They have just left (Saturday) for Kakadu, for two days. It has been great to have them here.
Bevan French is here today from Tiwi, and we also have Ryan Warlapinni staying, a student from Tiwi College. Sam is very excited to see him again. He will move about with us this weekend and catch the ferry home Monday morning.
So, it is very busy, eight in the house and all. But it is also very nice having them as well.

So, as we work towards our next move, please keep us in your thoughts, and feel free to comment below.
Until next time.

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The Sakaris' said...

Ahhhh...let the dew of heaven fall upon this thirsty ground (a song I think??) The mist can seem like such a still place with not a lot happenning - but so much moisture - droplets so small but absolutely abounding! We love you guys and continue to bless you and pray for God's leading and best for this coming season!!