Saturday, 14 November 2009


4 to go...
Cor how time flies.

So, Len didn't get the job at Leongatha.

or the one at Kingston.

(no one love me :-)

Actually, they needed other curriculum area specialist in both cases, so its understandable.

The builders have arrived. From 7:00 am 'till 5:00 pm they concrete cut and removed.
We now have a great pile of mud to traverse as we get to the door, so it is fun.....not.

It was great to see the builders again, we knew most of them from Tiwi.

This weekend we will sort out the remainder of our stuff, ready for the caravan trip and remove all other. Basically anything that won't fit into the caravan for the trip, and what we can send back in the xTrail is all we will take.

The day looms large, and it will be a wrench to leave the schools we are at, especially Len and working with the indigenous mob, as there is amazing connection and progress there. That will be very sad indeed.

So, for those in Tasmania, we will see you soon!

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Del said...

Looking forward to seeing you all...Kiwi