Wednesday, 18 November 2009


Hi Y'all.
Nearly three left.
What has happened.
Well, still no job.
Len has applied for one at Penguin High School that would be good, we think.
We have booked the Spirit to return to Tas.
We still don't want to leave the great jobs here, so it is getting tougher each day.
your support is appreciated.
Where will we end up?
Who knows
Post again soon.


G&R said...

What is bringing you home if you are so happy with the jobs you have? Until today the weather has been brilliant but we have had a small thunder storm and at the moment it is very cold again. I was beginning to think our weather was like NT, sunshine day after day, which it was until today, so hopefully it will be back to brilliant by the time you come home. What date are you sailing?
Have you heard anything from the Taylors? Still praying for the whole situation, good to know God is in control. Take care and God bless G&R

The Clark Family - 2009 said...

That's all basically.
Leaving the school is the hardest thing for me here. Working there has been fantastic.
Mind you, to rent here is impossible. A block 2 hours south of here is $320,000
Rents are $550 a week.
Just ridiculous.
So, actually, it's Family, the weather in the Wet, and the difficulty of living here financially.