Monday, 30 November 2009

So this is it

So, we have made a decision.

It has been long and difficult to get to.

It should have been easier.

We are off to Leongatha.

Today (01/12/09) the school in Tas was notified and the Ed department was as well that we would be not taking a position there.
South Coast Christian College were notified that we have accepted their position offered to us. Judith and Len both have positions there.
We will continue to rent out our Burnie house, and get our gear over asap (when we get some money I guess).
Jesie wil attend that school and Sam will probably go to Leongatha Secondary College.
We will rent in Leongatha.

There are family pains to deal with, which is why it has been so difficult to get to this place, but we are pretty sure that it is the right choice, for many reasons.

To any whom may find this out first on the blog and feel we should have contacted you before this I apologize, we will talk to others as soon as we are able, just thought you might like to know sooner than later.

Love to you all.

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