Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Fitzroy and Looma

Yesterday we got to Fitzroy crossing. Took 7 hours and LOTS of diesel, which is rather expensive here!

It is very hot, but thankfully it is also dry.

I am amazed at the Indig communities that you come across in the bush. Lots of them.
It is so hot and I wonder how they can just be there all the time.... amazing.

We are off to Geikie Gourge, near Fitzroy, then to Looma for one night where we will visit with our friends Jamie and Natasha Short whom Len visited a few years back for a mission trip.

So, a hot day today.
Very thankful for the air con in the caravan I can tell you.


G&R said...

Hi Guys, You sound like you are having quite an adventure. Keep updating as it is fun to read what is happening! Sounds like you left your mark with the Tiwi, Bernard in particular, which doesn't surprise me, the kids loved you both. Safe travels and love to all G&R

The Clark Family - 2009 said...

Thanks for that.
It is a BIG drive I can tell you, and we have only just begun.