Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Stingrays don't like me

Coral Bay is a nice town.
Expensive, but nice.
Nice people, nice caravan park, nice temperature, nice beaches.

The shallow waters just before dusk had a few small stingrays feeding there.
Len decided to try and step on a tail, just to let them know he wasn't all that happy with the Steve Irwin incident.
It turns out that they can sense when a foot is near their tail, and they can also swim very quickly.
On this occasion it did an U-Turn ('a U-Turn'?) and went straight at Jessie. Although it stopped short of Jessie and resumed feeding she seemed nonplussed at the event and decided the ray was actually chasing her. Len believes that rays actually don't have a malevolent cartilage in their bodies, and that it was a chance direction away from a tail-flattening idiot.

Judith and Len continue the slow recovery from sun burn.
Jude complains when she bends her legs, but is stoic and managing very well, and Len is looking for a bandanna ($9:00 here!!) to wear on the head when next the snorkeling bug hits, which will be early tomorrow morning in fact.

So, the kids are complaining already that it is cold here. It is, must be 28-ish, and a cool sea breeze to boot.
Hope we toughen up to the post-tropical weather sooner than later,
Until next time,

The Windswept Water People


G&R said...

Hi Guys,
Just wondering if you have had any problems from the cyclone that seems to be coming across central Australia? Snorkelling sounds great will have to keep that place in mind if we travel again. We went snorkelling on GB Reef it was beaut. If you think it is cold where you are I'm afraid you are in for a shock when you hit Vic. Some days have been lovely but the wind keeps it cool here so I'm presuming Vic is similar. Anyway have a great Christmas as we celebrate the birth of our wonderful Lord and safe travelling in 2010. G&R

The Clark Family - 2009 said...

The cyclone followed us down, but has seemed to have given up and is heading inland to terrorise the locals.
It passed very close to Spitfire, a roadhouse we went to stop at and preferred to drive on from, so I am hoping it wiped it out, anything the build now would be better than what was there before.
I bet it survived :-(
It is funny how we think it is so cool here, it certainly is windy all the time.
Next blog soon.